PL&C, Commander Cody & NRPS - Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center


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Edited Review

Last night - Sugarloaf Performing Arts Center... New Riders ...Commander Cody... and Professor Louie and The Crowmatix....
There is an old Far Side joke.... St. Peter is sitting at a desk in front of two doors ...each with a sign on top...:Welcome to Heaven is your harp.. 2. Welcome to Hell is your accordion.... when the accordion enters the room.. the banjo and trombone and tuba jokes end.... somehow it has become my favorite instrument ... Flaco Jimenez.... Augie Meyer... and of course Garth Hudson of The Band at whose side Aaron Louie Hurwitz mastered the squeezebox. Professor Louie and The Crowmatix have grown into a true legacy of Woodstock band....It was Rick Danko who nicknamed Aaron Hurwitz “Professor Louie” and Louie served as sideman with Danko and Levon Helm as well as producer for The Band's post Robbie Robertson albums.. Their new material is soulful... and their performance was the highlight of the evening....
After 40 minutes they brought out Commander Cody.....he delivered in character... Cell Block #9... Rock That Boogie.. Too Much Fun... and of course... Hot Rod Lincoln...
Buddy Cage of the New Riders also sat in on pedal steel with Louie and Cody. Buddy's double neck 12 string pedal was stolen 12 years ago and the NYPD helped him find it on ebay and reclaim it. This was his first show reunited with his unique instrument.... it was also the first show of the New Riders tour...Louie came out to perform with The New Riders set.... he added his squeeze box to 4 or 5 of their tunes.
The song Dirty Business was on The New Riders first album in 1971... Jerry Garcia had just gotten this pedal steel and was experimenting with what kind of sounds could come out of it .The lyric of this song tell the dark story of a labor dispute and a mine collapsing . Jerry's pedal part created an almost spaghetti western motif. ... Buddy Cage rose to the occasion and began to play some of those eerie psychedelic runs...
Professor Louie made the song his own with an outstanding solo wherein he leaned into his amp and made his Accordion feed back.... Pete Townsend must see him do this.... I have never seen an accordion feedback… intentionally or otherwise...
Go see Professor Louie and The Crowmatix....

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