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Hurley, NY was first settled in 1661. It’s located in Ulster County, NY, west of the City of Kingston (the first Capital of NYS), east of Woodstock, and 100 miles north of New York
City. The “Rock ‘n’ Roll Barn” is on Hurley Mountain Road, just outside Old Hurley. Today, Hurley’s fertile farmland is home to the Hudson Valley Farm Hub and a small, close-knit community: many Hurley families have lived here for generations.

Hurley has always been an agricultural community, first settled by the Esopus and Lenape Native Americans, and then by Dutch and English families during the Colonial period. In 1777, the historic Town of Old Hurley served as the temporary Capital of New York State when the British burned the City of Kingston and routed inhabitants during the American Revolutionary War.

The discovery of fine quality shale known as Blue Stone in the town’s northern forests made the region vital to the quarry industry. After the Civil War until the turn of 20th century, about 200 tons a year of bluestone were hauled to Kingston by wagon and shipped by barge to New York City for use in road curbing, sidewalks and building facades.

In the early 1900s, New York City’s need for a dependable water supply led to land condemnation and the flooding of this valley to create the Ashokan Reservoir. The flooded villages of Ashokan, Glenford, West Hurley and others were resettled nearby, but many villages and hamlets, including Ashton, were never relocated.

Old Hurley celebrates its heritage each July on Stone House Day, and residents (including descendants of original settlers) who live in several 300-year-old stone homes open their doors to the public. Ten of Hurley’s 25 original stone homes, some of the oldest in America, are clustered in a quarter mile area of Main Street that has been designated a National Historic Landmark District. All are privately owned, except for one, which contains the Hurley Heritage Society’s museum.

Today, the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Barn” (aka LRS Recording Studios) sits in the midst of four large farms on Hurley Mountain Road. This farmland is now used by the Hudson Valley Farm Hub, which was established in 2013 to keep farming strong in the 21st century through regionally focused field research and innovative training programs for local growers.

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