A Trip To The Moon - Movie


Professor Louie & Miss Marie recently traveled to Norfolk, Virginia where Louie met with Composer Robert Ian Winstin about the release of the CD/DVD package for the film A Trip To The Moon. They had been commissioned to compose an original movie score for this short French film by Georges Melies A Trip To The Moon (1902).
A classic masterpiece and first sci-fi film, it is about a small group of scientists/astronomers who travel in a rocket to the moon and have a wonderous & fascinating trip!

This version of the movie with Professor Louie & The Crowmatix original music, will be part of a CD & DVD package, which includes four versions of the same movie with original scores from various Composers. It will be interesting to hear how different styles of music can change the perception of the same movie. This package will be released in the next few months on the ERM/Naxos label.
A short promo Documentary was also filmed by Nevessa Production Woodstock while Professor Louie & The Crowmatix were working at LRS Recording Studios, recording & performing the songs for the film. It was a wonderful experience!
More information coming soon as to where you can purchase
a copy of the CD/DVD.

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