Professor Louie & Commander Cody Band in the Studio


Springtime 2009 and The Commander Cody Band arrives at LRS Recording Studios in Hurley, NY to record new songs with Professor Louie for their upcoming CD Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers their first studio recording in 20 years. The party begins & never lets up. Their songs - a special blend of old-time rock'n'roll, redneck country, boogie-woogie and swing have virtually defined American roots music. The Commander & The Professor work late nights, record 14 great songs along with fellow band mates and Blind Pig Records releases "Dopers, Drunks and Everyday Losers. Produced by Cody and Professor Louie Hurwitz of Crowmatix fame - the reviews are in - "A triumphant return".
The Commander Cody Band is rockin' in the ozone again. The CD hits the Radio Roots Country Charts at #1 for three weeks. Memorable performances on this CD from band members Steve Barbuto on drums & vocals,
Mark Emerick, guitar & vocals, Randy Bramwell, bass, background vocals, Chris "Tiny" Olsen, pedal steel guitar, along with special guests Professor Louie, Hammond organ, accordion & background vocals, Miss Marie Spinosa, background vocals & percussion and a duet with Circe Link, vocals on Seeds & Stems Again.

Check out this great review from July/August 2009 Issue of Elmore Magazine by Dave O'Connell


Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen arrived in San Francisco via Ann Arbor, Michigan in the late 1960s and proceeded to win a loyal audience with their rowdy blend of country rock, western swing, boogie-woogie and just about every other genre now combined under the Americana umbrella. The band split up in 1977 and legendary piano pounder George Frayne embarked on a solo career under the Commander Cody moniker. This collection, released by the Commander Cody Band, is his first studio album in over two decades and worth the wait.

Usually red warning flags appear when I see a veteran artist including "revisited" older material on a new release, but the ol' Commander had me waving a white flag of surrender from the start. Cody and co-producer Aaron "Professor Louie" Hurwitz made some inspired choices here. Roll Yer Own" gets the party started and it doesn't let up. Really cool choice: not redoing "Hot Rod Lincoln". They also included the onetime Southland-suppressed "Seven Eleven" ode to shoplifting. Prof. Louie also updated the old Airmen/Cody sound a bit, underscoring the Commander's sparkling playing with tasteful organ and accordion. The Commander Cody Band in performance share the lead vocal slot and that's the case here with drummer Steve Barbuto tackling "Wine Do Yer Stuff", and sizzling lead guitarist Mark Emerick contributing "Semi Truck." Most surprising was recasting "Seeds and Stems Again" as a duet between saucy Circe Link and the Commander. You've also got to smile when this album of party anthems closes with the Hoyt Axton-written, Ringo Starr-popularized "No No Song."

Commander Cody has made a triumphant return from the ozone. My advice: pick your poison, put on your dancing shoes, fire up the disc-spinner and rock!
Carry on, Commander. - Dave O'Connell

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