Great Fan Review - Godfrey Daniels Concert


Larry Deibert
February 14 at 9:24am
Wow, what a great show they put on last night at Godfrey Daniels. Lots of new songs from the new CD, Music From Hurley Mountain.. They also featured Lexi,, playing a dulcimer, I think and also some kind of tube that he blew into and made sounds by using his fingers at the bottom. Louie's fingers flew over his keyboard and accordion, Frank plucked the bass with a fervor. John made the lead guitar sing. Gary pounded his drum set so hard that a young lady in the audience had her foot on the bass drum so it wouldn't come off the stage. (I did that last year.) MIss Marie sang her heart out throughout the evening. If you have never seen this group before, I suggest you check out their schedule and if they are in your area, treat yourself to a great night of music

Thanks Larry - We all had such a great time. Thanks to all our fans & friends who came out for the night. Hope to see you soon! PL&C

They were phenomenal tonight at the Narrows Center, the best I've ever seen them. Miss Marie was on fire pouring her heart and soul into every song. She was on top of the world!

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Colorscape Festival - great event!

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