Thanks for Helping the Disabled Veterans


On Saturday, April 18, 2009 Professor Louie & The Crowmatix performed a benefit concert at the Rosendale Theatre for The Malitma Foundation whose main goal is to attain computers for disabled veterans. We want to thank all the folks who brought their used computers to the show. A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales also went to help the vets. Big Joe Fitz and his Lo-Fi Quartet opened up the night and sounded great. The one & only Uncle Willy, Master of Ceremonies, kept the crowd goin' and Professor Louie & The Crowmatix were jammin' the night away with all their fans and friends dancin' & partying into the night.
Thanks once again to everybody in the neighborhood who helped make this show such a success! But if you couldn't make it to the show and you want to contribute a computer, you can at any time.
If you have an organization such as a school or business that has old monitors with computers please call Alans Affordable Computers in Stone Ridge, NY at 845-658-2153. You can drop them off or Alan will come and pick them up. They clear all info from them before delivering to hospitals and homes.

The troops are coming home with all types of injuries and many soldiers are unable to live independently. Obtaining a computer and learning how to get in touch with family and friends through the internet is essential. Even if you think your computer will not work with the latest technologies on the Internet, the computers can still be useful.
It is important for people to learn how to use a computer. They can play games and listen to CD's , so all computers are welcome.

Giving used computers to the returning troops is a great idea. Kudos to Professor Louie, Mis Marie and the rest of the band for being part of this important effort. I have a used laptop that I would love to contribute but don't live close by. I'll give Alan's Affordables a call to see how far they are willing to travel.

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